22 9 / 2014

Where to Sell your Old Phone to Get iPhone 6 or other Smartphones?

By the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 many user want to have it and it is time for many users to choose what they need to do with the units they have been using the last several years.  The simple solution is to simply give it to your brother, sister or to your friend or you might want to save it in the occasion if something goes wrong with the iPhone 6 just to be sure.

Currently there are lots of…

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18 9 / 2014

What’s New about the Latest Galaxy Note 4

Everybody thought that the Galaxy Note 4 will be out his month, since the big shot of iPhone 6 I think they move it Galaxy Note 4 down this October.  The innovative Samsung USA ad looking at the iPhone 6 Plus for imitating the size of its Galaxy Notes said: “The Next Big Thing is Here October 2014.” Pretty excited for Samsung users. The company has not yet announced the price of this latest Note 4.

The Galaxy…

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05 9 / 2014

3 Most Expensive Gadgets, Very Expensive Indeed

Not everyone can afford to buy a million dollar for just 1 gadget, I can buy a house and lot for that. This 3 gadgets that worth a million dollar will definitely blow your mind.

The Luvalgio Laptop worth $1 million Luvalgio Laptop-Angels Teach Area

High end maker Luvalgio statements a couple of years ago when they claimed to be building a high class laptop falling into the $1 Million of its price range.  The business displays…

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27 8 / 2014

Application that will save your iPhone battery to Emptiness

Is your phone doing a quick drain job? well a new application known as Normal lets you Normalknow what other apps to kill in order to save your battery.

Normal, which costs 99 cents was launched on IOS last week. Unlike other applications that notifies what’s zapping your power, normal uses crowd sourced data from other users to offer personal advice and pinpoint the cause of drainage.

Normal gives a…

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19 8 / 2014

Could Nokia 130 Can Invade the Developing Industry

The Nokia 130 shows Microsoft newest try to get into the growing trading markets, but it Could Nokia 130 Can Invade the Developing Industryfaces difficulties as mobile internet network developments change and opponents with cheaper charges put in very competitive demand.

Nowadays, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) declared that the releasing entry level Nokia 130 mobile phone merely costs $25. This gadget focused to the growing market and those…

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15 8 / 2014

Galaxy Alpha: Is it worth to buy?

This is definitely not the normal Smartphone released by Samsung, The Galaxy Alpha made quite introduction.  Samsung Galaxy Alpha - Angels Tech

Though the Galaxy Alpha go the normal launched with speculations befitting for any high end Smartphone. There was no sensational introduction event, no victorious speech from executives and no details on which provider will promote the device and to sum it up its boring. But lets talk…

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31 7 / 2014

If you inspired with the saying “Nobody is Perfect” well guest what? It is also applied to our Smartphones: NO Smartphone is Perfect. Smartphone Complaints - cellular country complaints Android phone don’t have App Store where they can download specifically for Android phone, and the iPhone it doesn’t have 4G LTE. Make sense?

Today I will show you what are the main complaints throughout all major platforms. You may also check why cellular…

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29 7 / 2014

Precautions before Sell Your Used Cell phone

I already blog about wiping out the photos in your cell phone before selling it and for additional  …

Precautions before Sell Your Used Cell phone

I already blog about wiping out the photos in your cell phone before selling it and for additional  …

19 7 / 2014

The Innovative Ritot Projection Watch

From the first released of Smartwatches, it is a huge success that’s why many company produce Smartwatches in different design and Ritot Projection Watch-angelsmobileareafeatures.  Today Ritot create the very first projection watch with Smartwatches Notification. Cool Indeed! (And to be honest I really want to have one). This Projection Smartwatches by Ritot was launched at the Indiegogo website this last month.

Ritothas been…

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17 7 / 2014

Old Trick for your Old Cell Phone

There are bunch of sites where you can sell your used cell phone here are some: Ebay, Craiglist, Simply Selluar. These sites offering to buy your used cell phone depending how old and the condition of your used cell phone will be the price.

Most of us want to get the great offer for our mobile phones, be sure to make fair in sell  sell cell phonecell phone. Obviously you can’t sell your old mobile phone in its…

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